1920 Barryville Glass Factory

Barryville Glass Factory, Dam, and workers around 1920. Photo courtesy of Ed Wolff.
Glass cutters top row: George Liebla, Pat Palmer, Albert Wolff Norm Wolff; bottom row: Harold Quick John van Eastenbridge, Howard Pelton, Irving Quick, Frank Wolff, and an unknown man. Photo courtesy of Ed Wolff.

Town of Highland Occupations
Boarding houses were the main “industry” in the area, but there were still sawmills (belonging to Harry Wormuth, John Love, and others) and bluestone quarries which needed workers. The Erie Railroad employed many men.

The Barryville Glass Factory employed some 15 local people. Earl Palmer (who also was the bridge tender for the Barryville and Pond Eddy bridges) was a polisher and his wife Kate worked in the Glass Factory Showroom showing glassware for sale. The glass cutters included Albert, Norm, and Frank Wolff, sons of Charles and Janette Kerr Wolff. (We first met the Wolff family in Echo Hill and Mountain Grove.)—Farewell to Eldred, pp. 4 and 6.

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  1. Alice M Aber says:

    I have a piece of the Rich Cut Glass that I believe my Great-Aunt Edith, who was married to Howard Pelton, gave to my grandparents.

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