Delaware River at Barryville?

View of Barryville, NY from across the Delaware River in Shohola, PA. Photo taken by H.I.Briggs.

This photo is from my recent finds at my mother’s home. I think it is a view of homes and a garage? in Barryville, possibly Shohola on the Delaware River.

Can any of my Halfway Brook readers help? I assume it was taken around 1940.

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Update: It is Spring House Garage on River Road in Barryville. Thank you!

Closeup of buildings.
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4 Responses to Delaware River at Barryville?

  1. K.M. says:

    That looks like the Spring House Garage on River Road. I can’t remember who the owner was at that time.

  2. D.H. says:

    That is the River Road in Barryville. The garage is Springhouse garage now owned by Barry Blaut. The Spring House boarding house is to the right. On the left looking up the river is where Robinson’s boarding house was. This picture was taken from the Shohola side.

  3. Mary A. says:

    I think my Dad may have taken this picture from Shohola, PA.

    It looks like Barryville, N.Y. I think there may have been a garage by Mill’s Boarding house in Barryville. On down was John Traver’s Barber Shop.

  4. This looks like the River Road, Barryville side of the Delaware with the garage that belongs to B. Blaut and possibly the old Travis home.

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