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  1. Christopher Frey says:

    The blacksmith shop made me think of a topic I have wanted to explore here—one of the Hallock family had a horse that he used to bring around Barryville in the early 1950’s.

    I have a distinct memory of that horse drinking from the water fountain at the entrance to the Purcell driveway. That driveway also served as the Barryville Post Office driveway because, for many years, the Post Office was an extra couple of rooms in the Purcell home.

    Enormous thanks go to whomever can name the horse, but even more thanks go to anyone who has a picture of that water fountain.

    My memory tells me it was a large bluestone structure with a pipe emerging from the center of the basin.

    Where did the water come from and what happened to it?

    Another corner of my brain tells me a local ruffian (unnamed) planted an “ash can” firework in it and it never worked after the explosion.

    Sorry this deviates from the original Austin topic but I’ve been interested in finding the answers.

    Louise: Always happy for your comments or questions, Chris!

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