Barryville Boarding Houses, 1920

Barryville Post Office.
Barryville Post Office.

Barryville Boarding Houses, 1920–1921
Torwood Farm: Kerr
Rose McQuirk
Spring House: Christian Meyer
Woodland Cottage: Colville
Handsome Eddy: Agnes Schwab
Maple Grove Farm: Anne Toaspern Cordes
Delaware View Inn (Side Hill): Eggers and Rothenback
Riverside Cottage: Louis and Mildred Warshauer

1906, Mrs. J. Wolfe, Hillside Farm, Barryville.
1906, Mrs. J. Wolfe, Hillside Farm, Barryville.
1911, Mountain Top Cottage, Mrs. John Flieger.

Maple Grove Farm, Barryville. Anne Toaspern Cordes was the Proprietor in 1920.
The Old House at Home, John Kerr Sr., Barryville. In 1920 it was called Torwood.
1906, Mrs. J. Wolfe, Side Hill Farm, Barryville.
Woodland Cottage in Winter. Colville was the Proprietor
Mount Pleasant House, Barryville. Wm. Wolfe, Proprietor.
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5 Responses to Barryville Boarding Houses, 1920

  1. Ash says:

    I’m doing some research for friends that just purchased a house on Corkscrew Road. According to the Sullivan County property record, the Porporas purchased Maple Grove Farm in 1965 (which is listed as 58 Corkscrew Rd). However it was recently foreclosed on just a couple of years ago, and now belongs to the county. Does anyone know what happened and why the buildings ended up abandoned?

  2. Christopher Frey says:

    Re: Maple Grove Farm. It was on Corkscrew Road and no doubt would have a real street address today. But it was before Silverfish Road if you were driving from the Yulan end of Corkscrew.

    My grandparents, Charles and Gertrude Frey bought the place from the Toasperns in partnership with Fred and Minnie Nitzsche. I know very little about the Toaspern era.

    You could probably pinpoint the location in the Sullivan County property records by using the name Porpora. It was sold to Lou Porpora in the early 60’s, so and I think that family still owns the land and the derelict building that remains.

  3. Chris says:

    Anne Toaspern Cordes was my great grandmother. I have many old pictures taken at Maple Grove Farm and the surrounding areas. Do you happen to know what the street address was of that boarding house?

  4. Chris Doyle says:

    Great Pictures, thanks, Chris Doyle

    Louise: Thanks Chris. I hope to put up more Boarding Houses from other areas in the near future.

  5. Dr. Sharon Hagemann says:

    My great-great grandfather, Thomas V. Bloom also operated the “Fairview Farm” boarding house in Hillside (Barryville) during this time period.

    Louise: Thank you for your comment. I had not heard of Fairview Farm or Thomas V. Bloom.

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