Eel Weirs

Fish and eel were plentiful in the Delaware River. The Van Tuyl, Middaugh, Hooker families and others kept a barrel of salted eels for winter meals. Each child’s dinner would be a boiled eel and four buckwheat pancakes. Other families in the area spread rye bread with butter or grease from pork for their dinner.
—from Johnston, Reminiscences

I was quite interested to know that 180 years or so later, eels are still trapped in eel weirs near Pond Eddy, on the Delaware.

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  1. Mom/Mary A. says:

    I well remember the eel racks in the Delaware River when we lived in Barryville Parsonage while I was growing up.

    We had Eels to eat. My mother cut them in about 1-1/2 to 2″ pieces and fried them. They tasted good as I remember them.

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