Thanksgiving 1901

Swamp Mills, December 4, 1901
My goodness what a snow. I got my two calves soaked. Like a fool I forgot
my leggings this morning.

Gladys’ folks have company—a Mr. Hankins from Tusten—some relative to
Mrs. A.S. Myers.

Poor George [Crandall] was not feeling well Sunday. He looks better than he has in a good while.

Thanksgiving I had sparerib, cabbage, potatoes, chocolate cake, apple pie, pickles, cranberries and some other I don’t know what and coffee.

I went in to see Olive Wormuth and downtown and skated 25 minutes. I went over to the store, had 5 invitations out, beside yours and did not accept any.

At night went down to Bertha Wilsons and stayed till twelve o’clock at night on the ice.

Mrs. Abendroth, Will Wilson, Alex Wait and I ate supper. Next we went to church then to the gymnasium. After that on the ice and skated till half past twelve.

I am sorry I cannot come.

Your friend, Jennie [Crawford, who latter married George Crandall.]

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