1879, Julia Smith, Bride at 87

What you may ask, does Julia Smith have to do with Eldred, New York?

Julia’s mother was Hannah Haddasseh Hickok Smith, a cousin to Hannah Hickok Eldred, mother of Mary Ann Eldred Austin.

And the above news article was glued on an 1879 letter that my great Aunt Aida Austin wrote to her sister Emma in April.

Julia was one of 5 very accomplished sisters, several of whom even visited what would be Eldred, to see their Hickok relatives: Justus Hickok‘s family and Mary Ann Eldred Austin’s family.

In 1873, when Julia was 81, and her sister Abby was 76, they had a run in with their Connecticut town tax collector who was discriminating against women. The sisters refused to pay their taxes, and the town took away their beloved Alderney cows.

You can read more about the daughters of Hannah Haddasseh Hickok Smith.

To read Aida Austin’s 1879 letter to her sister, Emma who was ill with TB.

Sunday, April 13, 1879
Dear Emma,
Your letter was received one day this week and I will try and answer it today. I have not seen Tiny [her cousin Tina Austin] about the verses yet. I will try and go tomorrow.

I went to DeVenoge’s house Tuesday. Saw Mary and asked her if her father left any medicine there for you and she said no, he had not said anything to her about it. I asked her if he was back from Europe and she said, yes.

So the next day I went to his office. I told him we never got that medicine and he said, oh no, he forgot our number, but it was up to the house already.

And I said, “I was up to your house yesterday and your daughter said there was none there.”

And he said, “She did not look very good, did she?”

And I told him she did not look at all and he says, “Oh I had it on the end of the shelf and the name on it. She told you that did she not.”

I said, “No Sir. She said you had not said anything to her about it”

He looked up and said, “Well, if you will come up tomorrow, you will get it.”

So the next day Little Tom and I went up and got it. Maria was here Friday.

We got Dora’s suit and hat. We will try and send the box next Friday.

I don’t think we will move. Tom talks a little of it, but I am sure he won’t.

Aunt Maria is going to keep house and Harry has got to come home the first of the month. She offered to pay me or get my clothes. I thought I would let her get my clothes.

I don’t think they would let Tommy go unless you get real well. He is getting reconciled to your being away and is good with me. Addie says to save the molasses.

Dr. Devenoge did not say anything about the bill. Addie says she would not pay him unless you want another bottle and then I will ask him again for the bill. You did not tell me what picture you wanted. I guess this is all the news.

Be sure and see that you write as many. How father is getting on with Irv and what Bec had to say about Frank and if Henry Lilly sold his place.

With love, I remain your loving sister, Aida

I had a letter from Miss Kerr this morning. She is teaching school in Burlington, Sullivan County.

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