Echo Hill and Mountain Grove Update

It’s been busy crazy times here, but I am gradually working my way through the Echo Hill and Mountain Grove manuscript the 4th time, and 500 pages.

Above is my wonderful workspace powered by tea.

    • 2 monitors, the left one shows 2 pages from Chapter 9 which I am currently working on

    • tea, on stacked bins (not on computer table) as a safety precaution

    • books used as resources and new Maier/Bosch info on my footstool

    • tax and boarding house, census, and other information on the table

    • lots of sticky notes to remind me what I want to include in the chapters

    • calculator to compute ages

    • spiral notebook with notes taken down from phone calls

    • old postcards and maps with helpful information from cousin Cynthia

I have wonderful new photos and information from several families that make a great addition to the book.

Hopefully, Echo Hill and Mountain Grove will be ready to print by June 2011.

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