April 5, 2011: Information needed

Beers 1870 map of Eldred.

Hello Halfway Brook Friends,

I am in need of a photo of James Eldred’s House built around 1830. George and Jennie Crandall were living in the house in 1939.

It was located between “Ayers” and “Store” (to the south) on the 1870 map above. An unknown lady and little boy partially cover the house in the photo I have.


“Eldred Inn” 2007.

Does anyone know when the “Eldred House” on the northwest corner of Eldred was built? Or who built it?

I think Charles Wilson may have owned it around 1900. I don’t know if the house was there earlier.

I don’t know if it was called “Eldred House” because it was built in Eldred, or because someone with the last name of Eldred built it.

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2 Responses to April 5, 2011: Information needed

  1. Louise says:

    Thank you Jessica!

  2. Jessica says:

    You don’t happen to know the mailing address for the house when the Crandalls were living there (or afterwards), do you? If you did, one way to get a photo might be through the property tax records – I know NY State has photos of homes on file, but I’ve only ever seen them indexed by address.

    Or – do you know if the original house is still standing? Probably not if it was built in 1830, but if it is, I could take a picture for you the next time I’m up there for a visit.

    No answers for you about the Eldred House (sorry!) – but wanted to mention that it’s now known as The Corner. http://eldredcorner.com Perhaps the new owners know something about the structure’s history??

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