Aida Austin at Lord & Taylor, 1881

Aida Austin shopped at Lord & Taylor in New York City according to her 1881 Diary. It would be interesting to know if Aida knew that her neighbor in Eldred, Jane Ann Myers, was a niece to George Washington Taylor who along with Samuel Lord started the store.

Elizabeth Van Pelt (my great-great-great-grandmother), mother of Jane Ann Myers, was Mr. Taylor’s half sister.

Jane Ann Myers named one of her sons George Washington Taylor Myers. George W.T. Myers and his wife Martha Mills would have a large, beautiful boarding house on Hagan Pond (Highland Lake).

George W. Taylor, of Lord & Taylor, died at age 72, in March of 1879, in Manchester, England.

Opening Day at Lord & Taylor at Broadway and 20th Street. Ladies Ascending in the elevator. Wood engraving in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, v. 35, Jan. 11, 1873, p. 289. Library of Congress: LC-USZ62-121663.

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