Smoky Hill River, Kansas

“Echo Hill and Mountain Grove” update:
There are a few last minute changes happening and I am hoping the book can be uploaded for a proof copy within the next two days. I hope you will agree it was well worth your wait. It’s 512 pages jam packed with stories, postcards and photos, and includes a 41-page appendix, and a 20-page index.

Cattle fording the Smoky Hill River at Ellsworth, Kansas, on the old Sante Fe crossing, 508 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri (1860–1870). Photo: Alexander Gardner. Library of Congress: LC-USZ62-8087.

In Chapter 4 of Echo Hill and Mountain Grove, Ell Austin marries Emma Parmenter, in Solomon City, Kansas. When Emma’s father Henry dies, she and her sister Sophronia Parmenter (how is that for a name?) inherit 220 acres on the Smoky Hill River.

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  1. Louise says:

    Thank you so much Alice. I am anxious for you to see a couple of the Echo Hill Farm House photos and see a few of the newspaper ads that I found.

  2. Alice willis says:

    Godspeed with the final tweaks. Getting excited for the release.

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