Halfway Brook Books Review 1

Recently both The Mill on Halfway Brook and Echo Hill and Mountain Grove were featured in the River Reporter. A special thank you to Sandy Long for her review: Books bring Community Stories to Life. An excerpt follows with a link to the original article.

    The first book, “The Mill on Halfway Brook,” features stories of families who settled near Halfway Brook in the Town of Highland between 1800 and 1880. The second, “Echo Hill and Mountain Grove,” features stories of families and boarding houses in the Town of Highland between 1880 and 1920.

    The substantial tomes are generously sized at 8 by 11 inches, making for easy viewing, with page counts of 273 for “The Mill,” and nearly 500 for “Echo Hill.” Replete with historic and current photos, maps, postcards, correspondence, genealogy charts and even poetry, the hefty volumes are treasure troves of local lore.—Sandy Long, River Reporter, 11/16/11.

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