Boarding Houses, 1895 to 1898

Crest Hill Cottage, Barryville
1-1/2 miles from Shohola Station; Health resort; elevation 1,600 feet. Superior rooms and board. Send for circular. Mrs. Greig.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 23, 1895.

Highland Cottage, Yulan
On Washington Lake; near Shohola Glen, on Erie R.R.; elevation 2,000 feet; boating bathing, fishing; beautiful scenery; overlooking 15 miles; fine drives and good bicycle roads; terms $6 to $7. A.E. Grove.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 23, 1895.

West Farm, Yulan
Pleasant location; high altitude; good table; pure spring water; airy rooms; boating, fishing and bathing; four miles from Shohola Glen, Pa. Theodore West.—Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 23, 1895.

Mount Pleasant House, Barryville
Large cool rooms; plenty shade; pine grove; adults $5 to 6 per week; children according to age. Send for circular. Wm. Wolfe.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 5, 1896.

Pine Grove Farm, Box 41, Eldred
Boats free; fresh milk, butter and eggs; good livery; [Maier].
New York World, June 16, 1897.

Cold Spring Farm, Yulan
Will accommodate few families; $5 per week; plenty of milk, butter, eggs, vegetables from farm; lake 3/4 mile from house; boats free; good roads, shade, pine groves; elevation 2,00 feet; no malaria. Circular Eagle Bureau. M.E. Crandall, Yulan.—Brooklyn Daily Eagle, July 25, 1897.

Highland Cottage, Yulan
Near Shohola Glen; elevation 2,000 feet; boating, bathing, fishing, bowling alleys; terms $6 to $8. Circulars at Eagle Bureau. A.E. Grove.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 21, 1897.

Mountain Lake House, Venoge
Altitude 2,000 feet; finest place in Sullivan County; good table; bathing, boating, fishing; terms $7 to $8; Write for booklet. Address above.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 12, 1898.

Highland Cottage, Yulan
Near Shohola Glen; on Washington Lake, elevation 2,000 feet; boating; bathing, fishing; beautiful scenery; fine drives; bowling alleys; terms $6 to $8. Dalton & Corey.—Brooklyn Daily Eagle, August 20, 1898.

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