The Becks and Greigs of Eldred, N.Y.

Seven Oaks and the Greig House Map courtesy of Gary Smith.

The Beck and Greig families, both from England, lived less than a mile north of Eldred Corners near Mill Pond (later called Stege’s). Their houses were not far from Board Road which went north to Bethel, New York, some 13 miles from Eldred Corners.

The Greigs had owned knitting mills in Manchester, England, and lost all their ships running the blockade during the Civil War. In 1869, they paid all their debts and sailed for New York.

Both the Greigs and Becks lived in Eldred by 1870 as their locations were shown on the 1870 Beers Map. Neither home is in existence today.

The next 2 or 3 posts have photos related to the Beck’s and Greig’s homes that are courtesy of Ed G. (a descendant of the Griegs) and Kevin M. who sent me Ed’s family photos.

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