New York Herald Building

New York Herald building around 1895. Photo by J.S. Johnston. Photo: Library of Congress: LC-USZ62-68731.

The New York Herald Headquarters at Broadway and 34th Street was designed by McKim, Mead, & White in 1890. The building was completed by 1895.

James Gordon Bennett Sr. had founded the Herald in 1835. His son James Bennett Jr. took over when James Sr. died in 1872.

The building was a Renaissance Revival building, designed after Fra Giacondo’d Palazzo del Consiglio in Verona. It was demolished in 1921.

Pneumatic tubes, speaking tubes, and a telephone system connected the offices. On the roof along with about 24 bronze owls with blinking eyes (electric lights), was a flock of carrier pigeons who brought the latest distant news events.

The New York Herald under James Bennett Jr. financed Henry Stanley’s expedition to Africa to find David Livingston.

New York’s Herald Square was named after the New York Herald newspaper. Times Square, named after The New York Times (the Herald’s rival), is north of Herald Square.

The New York Tribune acquired the New York Herald after Bennett Jr.’s death in 1924, and created the New York Herald Tribune.—,

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