Stege Pond Bridge

The wall built by Thomas Greig. It was later the entrance to the Seven Oaks Estate. Photo courtesy of Ed G. and Kevin M.

Robert Greig’s brothers Thomas and Bennett Greig wanted to create a high class hunting and fishing club on Mill Pond (later called Stege’s Pond). They had rice growing on the upper end of the pond to benefit the large population of wild ducks.

Thomas Greig died in 1886, a few months after completing the stone wall to the west of Mill/Stege’s Pond and the lovely stone arched bridge with the water falls at the south end of the pond. The stone wall was later the entrance to the Seven Oaks Estate.

Stone arched bridge on Stege Pond courtesy of Cynthia.
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  1. I was just over there the other day showing a fellow artist the wonderful stone bridge. Oh how we would like to paint it. Anybody know how a group of artists might gain access to the site for a day’s plein air painting. Feel free to contact me.

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