January 27, 1895

Charles Metzger, The Minisink House, Eldred, to Mort Austin
January 27, 1895
Dear Friend Mort,

Glad to hear that you are managing to keep contented. One thing is settled in my mind and that is to leave Eldred. I think it will be better for me every way. When a young man leaves his native town, he is then thrown on his own resources and put to his best mettle. No one remembers when you went to school and keeps thinking you are still a Boy.

I’ve been trying to keep busy a little by cutting fire wood, but this snow is so deep in the woods that it’s rather up hill work. I used to go skating last month sometimes, but of late the snow has covered the ice for good.

While I am on the subject, Mort, unless I strike something before that, I will be right with you to travel till we can strike a favorable position. I think the spring is the best time to go only we ought to get started midling early, Providence permitting.

I will try and get up to see you next month and then we can talk matters over. Someone is trying hard to get me a job up in the Catskills, but I have some doubt of their succeeding.

But if nothing unforeseen occurs, the indications are that you and I may still take that overland trip. George Beck was last heard from out in Missouri, so he is well on his way to Alaska. He promised to write to me as soon as he conveniently could.

I see your folks nearly every day. Lon has been assisting Mr. Reese in his meetings sometimes.

There have been no social gathers since Jan. 1st, but there is to be an oyster supper at I.M. Bradleys on February 5th.

Trusting to hear from you soon. I am as ever your sincere friend,

Chas. C.R. Metzger

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