January 18, 1895

Chas. Metzger, Tannersville, N.Y., to Mort Austin, Eldred
January 18, 1895
Dear Friend Mort,

I heard the other day that you was in winter quarters so I have concluded to drop you a few lines. I suppose you saw Rob before you left Eldred and heard all about our trip to New York.

I have been working for the last 8 days and I guess I am good for all winter. We only get in 8 hours a day, but $10.80 is better than a snow bank each Saturday night. Talking of snow, we only have a couple of inches. It acts as if we were going to have a thaw.

Well, January is more than half gone and soon Spring will be here again, and you and I are not in the West yet. I am getting the fever again (quite bad) and if work plays out here in the Spring, I expect to make a break.

There is certainly no use to go back to Eldred looking for a job. I feel sure that we will fetch up out there yet don’t you?

Hoping to hear from you soon.

I am your sincere friend,
Chas. C.R. Metzger

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