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  1. I can only recall what this road looked like in the 40s to 60s. The property on the left side of the picture became the site of the Grand Vue Inn ( Ed Borenstein, later his wife Mary Oset Borenstein). on the other side of the church (not shown on card) was the home of Mr. and Mrs. (Anna) Voigt. Opposite right was the church parking lot which now has a senior center building; beyond that were the homes of Mike and Bertha Heiser and Maria Fuchs. (My family summered at the Fuchs home in the 60s).

    St. Anthony’ Church in Yulan was the scene of many community events in addition to the regular Sunday services. Bingo was extrememly popular as was the annual summer FIESTA.

    My husband and I played an important role in saving St. Anthony’s church from a fire one late summer evening in the early 60s. The smell of smoke awakened us and when we looked out the window, we were able to see some flames at the roof’s edge facing the house in which we were staying. We called for help immediately; my husband joined the volunteers from the Yulan Fire Dept. and the fire was quickly extinguished with minimal damage to the church.

    The fire had started when an outside light was left on and the heat from same ignited a bird’s nest tucked against it.

  2. Dennis J. Carroll says:

    Two names come to mind, Ort and Bolton.

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