Deer Head Lodge

Brochure courtesy of Kevin M.
Deer Head Lodge brochure courtesy of Kevin M.

This is Deer Head Lodge
From the shores of picturesque Highland Lake in the mountains of Sullivan County, Deer Head Lodge extends a cordial welcome and offers the ideal spot for a happy vacation of relaxation and healthy recreation.

Here you will meet the kind of friendly, clean cut people you’ll enjoy knowing and keeping as friends over the years to come. Plan now to spend a vacation here with your family and friends.

Modern buildings equipped with every comfort and convenience. Spacious, well-ventilated rooms, all with hot and cold running water. Cozy, homelike furnishings amid which our guests spend their happiest hours.

Food here is tops in both quality and quantity. Meals prepared and served under the personal supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Eggers, are satisfying to the most exacting guest.

Click to see photos of Deer Head Lodge being demolished in April 2010.

Deer Head Lodge april 2010 courtesy of Cynthia.
Deer Head Lodge April 2010 courtesy of Cynthia
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3 Responses to Deer Head Lodge

  1. John Carway says:

    My family went to Deer Head Lodge in the mid 1950s. Lots of good times. It was owned by Karl Eggers. He was the chef. Good food.

  2. Gary Davenport says:

    Stella Dziuba Potoniec the owner of Deer Head Lodge is my grandmother.

  3. John Stemle says:

    My wife’s family owned Deer Head Lodge when I met her in 1973. It was the Dziuba family investment.

    Peter Dziuba and Raymond Dziuba and the Sister Stella (?). The kids would go every weekend from CT to work and hang out.

    We had lots of good times there. Too bad it’s gone now.

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