1898 Paine’s Celery Compound vs. Greene’s Newcure

Addie Thompson, N.Y.C.,to Mary Ann Austin
November 24, 1898
Dear Aunt Mary,

…I have had a fearful cold on my lungs and a gathering in my head; have not got over it yet, although I am better, but the weather is so changeable every one seems to have colds. It is very cold tonight and looks very much like another snowstorm.

Do you want me to send you Paine’s Celery Compound? Our doc says that Greene’s Newcure is much better than the compound and shall I send Marie some Fellow’s Syrup? Or if there is anything else you want to have?

Tell Maria if there is anything else she wants for the dress or anything to write and I will send it to her.

How is Aida and Lon getting along? I hear that Walter has been up to the “Austin house.” How are the various members of the “Royal family” getting along? They have none of them called on dear Aunt Addie as yet…

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Ever your affec. Addie

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