“The Mill on Halfway Brook”

The Mill on Halfway Brook

Stories of Families Who Settled Near Halfway Brook in the Town of Highland, New York, 1800 to 1880

At the end of 1815, James and Polly Eldred and their family arrived in the Town of Lumberland and settled on two acres with a log cabin and a sawmill near Halfway Brook. The Eldred property—four miles from the Delaware River—later became the southeast corner of Halfway Brook Village which is now Eldred, in the Town of Highland, New York.

The Mill on Halfway Brook tells of the Eldred, Austin, Myers, and Leavenworth families, their neighbors, friends, and kinsfolk that settled in what was once the Town of Lumberland, in the villages of Halfway Brook (Eldred), The River (Barryville), Ten Mile River (Tusten), and South Lebanon (Glen Spey).

The narrative weaves vignettes of townsfolk, preachers, churches, regional and national events with historical information, land documents, censuses, an 1875 biography, Congregational and Methodist Chruch records, over 300 photos and postcards, old and new maps, and at least 200 family letters (1845–1880).

The Mill on Halfway Brook is fully indexed with names of over 900 people, places, and events. It is the first in the series, Memoirs from Eldred, New York, 1800–1950.

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