Chapter Titles to The Mill on Halfway Brook

“The Mill on Halfway Brook” is in final final editing stages before being sent to the printer. It is about 280 pages long. Here are the chapter titles.

Chapter 1: The Town of Lumberland, 1798–1815

Chapter 2: The Mill on Halfway Brook, 1815–1825

Chapter 3: Life in Lumberland, 1825–1831

Chapter 4: Reverend Felix Kyte, 1832–1834

Chapter 5: The Mill on Blind Pond Brook, 1836–1849

Chapter 6: The Bubbling Spring, 1839–1850

Chapter 7: Near Hagan Pond, 1851–1860

Chapter 8: Letters from a Soldier, 1861–1865

Chapter 9: “Your Loving Cousin,” 1866–1871

Chapter 10: Emma Goes to College, 1872, 1873

Chapter 11: Return to Eldred, 1974–1877

Chapter 12: In Kansas Bright as Fair, 1878

Chapter 13: The Journey’s Length, 1879

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