Emma Austin’s Christmas 1876 & New Year 1877

Emma Austin was a sister to my grandfather Charles Mortimer Austin and my great Aunt Aida Austin. This next letter seems to be written from New York City where the Austin Cousins lived.

January 1, 1877
Dear brother Lon,
Holidays of all descriptions are dull days with me and this which began so pleasantly this morning, that I thought it was going to prove an exception to holidays in general is certainly dark and stormy enough to make one feel dull this afternoon. But it gives me some leisure for writing…and wishing you with all love and sincerity, A “Happy New Year” I will proceed with my answer to your letter.

Mother is very well and apparently enjoying her visit as much as me. O if we were all here. It was a shame not to bring poor little Do (her youngest brother). I will send a box directed to Father to Shohola Thursday. I suppose it will be there Saturday…

You will find a little but not much for you. I did not have much to give though Santa was pretty good to me. I got seven books, a whole set of Scotts’ novels beautifully bound and a history of the Centennial. Ida got four books and Addie gave her a work box and a box of perfume and a nice tie. You will think it pretty late for a Christmas box, but better late than never I suppose. I could not get it ready before, there was so much sewing to do.

Write me soon, Lon, best wishes from all from your

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