Aida Austin’s 1880 Christmas

Aida Austin was the sister of my grandfather Charles Mortimer Austin. In a letter she wrote to her brother Lon, she told about her 1880 Christmas in New York City with her Austin cousins—two of whom she mentioned—Ida and Ad (Addie).

Sunday January 23, 1881
Dear Brother Lon,
How did you spend your Christmas and New Years? I had a very good time each day and got some nice presents. We had a little Christmas tree for the children and I dressed up as old Santa Clause. My hair which I had for whiskers, I caught on fire, but Ida and Ad put it out so quick that it did not do much damage. The children were greatly pelased and believe faithfully in Santa Clause.

We did not receive calls New Years. Harry and I went to the Park in the evening to skate, but there was no skating, so we came back and stayed at Mrs. Braisteds until ten o’clock. I have a splendid pair of skates, but cannot skate very good yet.

Write soon. With much love, I remain your affectionate sister,

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