Orchard Terrace

Orchard Terrace, home of Abel Sprague and Maria Hankins Myers. The Congregational Church is on the left, hidden by trees. Photo courtesy of Chuck M.

In the following letter, Jennie Crandall mentions Cleta (Myers) Horton, the daughter of Abel and Maria Hankins Myers. The Abel Myers’ family lived at their Orchard Terrace boarding house on the hill near the Congregational Church in Eldred.

Orchard Terrace became the school which my father attended at least for high school from 1926 to 1930.

Jennie Crawford, Eldred, to Lillie Austin, Bethel
April 24, 1904
Dear Lillie,
I was at Middletown, Otisville, and to Port Jervis. I went to see Lottie Scott and Aunt Matt. They were all well. I saw no one but Aunt Matt. Milt was downtown and Uncle John is laying flagstone up in Germantown.

We have the sitting room cleaned. Aunt Maud Crawford has been operated upon. She is in Christ’s Hospital Jersey City. The tumor weighed 16 pounds. She is in a very critical condition.

Edna Beufve and Mr. Deale were over two weeks ago tonight. Bertha Wilson has been to the city and has had the measles along with her visit.

Cleta Horton went up to Lackawaxen and came home sick with the measles.

Alex Wait is home. You know he intended to learn stenography when he left.

Belle Boyd has the sweetest smile I ever saw.

Lottie S. has a good place. Jack Myers has moved in his new home. Crandall’s folks have not moved yet.

I have three or four new photos: Harry Wormuth, Mary Beufve, Lottie Scott, and Eva and Olive Wormuth.

Aunt Etta’s folks were up here to supper while I was away, but invited us all down Thursday p.m. I ate a lot I can assure you.

Maiers have their house almost up. Arbutus is out nice, but I have not been after any. I believe it is going to storm.

Now Lillie, without joking, come out. I am homesick to see you.

The new Methodist Minister is all ok. I really enjoy his sermons.

With love to all,

Jennie Crawford

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  1. Lawrence Beufve says:

    What a thrill to read these writings. Jenny Crawford was my 3rd cousin.

    Also mentioned in her letter was Edna Beufve and she was my Great Aunt.

    Reading a letter 108 years old containing references of two of my relatives was pure joy.

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