Ferncliff Lodge

Jackson Myers Ferncliff Lodge. Postcard courtesy of Chuck M.

Jennie Crawford mentioned Jack Myers moving into his new home in her letter of April 24, 1904. Perhaps it was his boarding house called Ferncliff Lodge. [Ferncliff would be owned by Guido Bischoff around 1920. Later it would be owned by Andy Gugle (spelling?)]

Ferncliff Lodge is 110 miles from New York City, via Erie Railroad to Shohola Station, and a conveyance to Ferncliff which is located on ridge of mountain, surrounded by pine clad hills, between Eldred and Highland Lake—15 minutes walk to either place. House has 10 rooms, 120 feet of piazza, fine well of water, and as to the table, we try to give perfect satisfaction.

Terms: Rooms occupied singly, $10 per week; two or more in room, $7.00; transients, $1.50 per day. Ferncliff conveyances will meet any train on notification. Fare, 50 cents each person. Baggage charged for according to bulk and weight.

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2 Responses to Ferncliff Lodge

  1. Al Bischof says:

    My name is Albert Guido Bischof. My grandfather was Guido Bischof who at one time owned Ferncliff. I would spend the summers there when I was eight or nine years old. I have only a few pictures of Ferncliff and would enjoy seeing any that might be available.

    Thanks, Al Bischof

  2. judy gumaer testa says:

    Louise, is there an exact location?? there are postcards from the 1960s on ebay presently.

    Judy, I saw those postcards. There are photos of Ferncliff (though not in color) in Farewell to Eldred. Also on page ix of Farewell to Eldred is a map showing the location on Highland Lake Road.

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