1943 Eldred Band

1943 Eldred Central Band. W. Rave, A. Rave, R. Edwards, V. Markle, A. Kuen, H. Rave, B. Wells, O. Worzel, M. Briggs, C. Myers. Row 2: Miss McKeon, H. Haas, R. Kalin, N. Ott, W. Lass, C. Kinne, R. Haas, J. Briggs. Row 3: G. Knight, H. Hensel, N. Wells, K. McBride, R. MacKechnie, H. Bartle.

I am making great strides towards getting all the pieces (photos and information) organized for Book 3. Above is the band photo from the 1943 Eldred School Yearbook, one of the many new photos I have recently scanned.

In the process of organizing 4 diaries, photos and info from 20-plus school yearbooks, 5 years of emails laden with info tidbits, numerous obits, a new array of letters, recently sent info/photos (all to be incorporated with the original “rest of the book”), I came across a May 2009 email which indicated I was pondering the possibility of breaking the manuscript into more than one book.

Deciding to make 3 books out of the (then) 650 pages has been quite the adventure. It has included meeting many new friends and relatives whose input has been so essential to writing the history of our ancestors who lived in the vicinity of the Town of Highland, not far from Halfway Brook.

And now, three years later, I “know” who so many of the people were who were written about in the letters and diaries from 1920 to 1950—and in some cases even have photos.

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