Eldred, January 1943

Notes for Aida Austin’s 1943 Diary: Aida (81) often walked to the Village (Eldred, known as Halfway Brook Village when she was young). Art and Bill Austin were her nephews in the Army. Marjorie Bosch was the daughter of Herman and Mary Bosch, Aida’s neighbors, who were so helpful to her and her brother Lon Austin.

Saturday, January 2

I washed some this afternoon. It has been terribly cold all day.

Sunday, January 3
Sunday School this morning in the Methodist Church. Basil Owens funeral this afternoon and church tonight.

Monday, January 4
It rained some last night and Mr. Briggs brought Lon home from church. In the night the rain turned to snow and it has been snowing and blowing nearly all day. I was to the PO and store this afternoon.

Wednesday, January 6
I was to the store a little this afternoon. Lon went down just vefore I did but I got back first. He brought a lot of papers from May. It has been very cold.

Thursday, January 7
Very cold all day, but not windy. I was down this afternoon for the oil and bread. Lon was to prayer meeting last night. Bertha Wilson, Bell, and Mrs. Floyd Boyd were there.

Saturday, January 9
I was to the store a little after noon for bread and oil. I received a letter from May.

Sunday, January 10
Church in the Methodist this morning. Marjorie was down this afternoon and I helped her with her algebra.

Tuesday, January 12
I wrote to May and Arthur last night and went to the office early this morning but the morning mail had gone. I got some groceries.

Thursday, January 14
Lon was to the Village. I got a card from Willie from Hattiesburg.

Friday, January 15
I was to the store and Post Office this afternoon. Lottie Leavenworth, Emma Toarspern, Frances and Arlene and Norman Myers in the store. Frances brought me home. Lon got a letter from Arthur mailed Dec. 7, 1942.

Tuesday, January 19
Very icy but I got to the store and post office this afternoon. Wore old stocking over my shoes. I mailed my letter to Gladys Austin. Mail included one to Willie for Lon and mailed two for Frances.

Wednesday, January 20
Colder and still more icy. Lon didn’t dare go to the Village. I was glad. I went yesterday.

Friday, January 22
I was down to the store this afternoon. A letter from Melva.

Saturday, January 23
I was to the store and in Andrew’s this afternoon.

Monday, January 25
Margie brought me some sauerkraut. She was with her mother and they were going to the Julius Maier place.

Wednesday, January 27
I was down to the store.

Thursday, January 28
Snowing. Marjorie stopped in with some milk for Lon and me. I gave her the paper with the problem I had worked.

Saturday, January 30
I was to the store and PO about noon. Up to Margie’s this afternoon.

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