1910 Boarding House Owners

Near Highland Lake
Mort and Jennie Austin
Wilhelm and Mary Nellie Bosch
George W.T. and Martha Mills Myers
James and Margaret Mills Boyd
Elizabeth Gillespie Mills
Augustus Myers
Maria Middaugh
Stephen and Charlotte Myers
Mary Mills Wait

North, Central, and West Eldred
Abel and Maria Myers
Fred and Juliana Straub
James Y. Parker
Sherman and Maria Leavenworth
Erwin and Norah Bradley Avery
Fred and Mary Bradley Myers
Joseph Maier

Washington Lake/Yulan
Atwell Bradley
Abel and Viola Bradley Hazen
Alfred and Sophia Kaese
Herman Barber
Adele Bodine
Charles Fleiger
Mrs. John Flieger
Wm. E. Owen
T.W. Racine
Joseph Tether
Fred and Mary Metzger
Edward and Georgiana Bornstein
Mary Wolff
Theodore West
Sophia Peterson

Chris and Meta Meyer
Frederick and Margery Schwab
Ida Toaspern

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