Uncle Bill’s Report Card 1914

Bill Austin’s Report card in 1914. Notice Charlotte Leavenworth his aunt signed it.
Bill’s report card signed by his mother Jennie Austin (Mrs. C.M. Austin).
Certificate signed by charlotte Leavenworth and Frederick J. Lewis.
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3 Responses to Uncle Bill’s Report Card 1914

  1. Matt Schroedel says:

    Aunt Charlotte taught my brother Ric in first grade nearly fifty years after teaching Uncle Bill in 1914. I imagine she taught a lot of family members over the years.

  2. Louise says:

    Hi Richard,

    I don’t know if Uncle Bill wrote with his left hand. His brother Bob was left handed and a left handed pitcher.

    I have information from a Halfway Brook reader whose husband was left handed and in Great-Aunt Charlotte Leavenworth’s class (in the 1940s I think). Apparently Miss Leavenworth used a ruler to rap his hand when he wrote with his left hand.

  3. Richard James says:

    Bill seems to have been an excellent student! With only “medium” grades of grades of 80 and 83 in writing and drawing I can only surmise that he must have been left handed like me!!

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