Do you recognize any one

Front row: Mary Briggs, ?, Gordon Knorr, Kay Randolph, Laura Briggs. Row 2: Paul Knorr, Frances Knorr holding Arlene, Mrs. Quick, Charlotte Middaugh Myers holding Marion Hulse, Minnie Nelson, Will Quick. Back row: Mildred Briggs, Hazel Angell, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey, Pearl Defeo in front of the Deweys, Stanley Myers, ? John Briggs, Alberta Myers, ?, Marie Hulse Photo from 2 sources.

It’s been very busy here the last couple weeks at Halfway Brook in Arizona as I have been majorly working on Book 3, Farewell to Eldred, which covers the years 1920 to 1950.

I have a rough storyline for the years from 1921 to 1947 so far. A number of the folks featured in this (somewhat fuzzy) photo make their appearance in one or 2 of the 4 diary records I have that cover 1931 to 1950.

I have had some wonderful photos and stories contributed to what I already had and am looking forward to incorporating all photos and information into the story of the Town of Highland and its residents in the years 1920 to 1950.

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2 Responses to Do you recognize any one

  1. Karen L. Middaugh Jungel says:

    I believe that Charlotte Middaugh Myers may be a relative (first cousin 2 x removed) of mine. My dad (now deceased) has a picture of a young girl, with the signature of ‘Lottie’ on the back.

  2. Mary A. says:

    Mrs. Dewey’s first name was Lottie. I have been trying to find out her relationship with this family for a long time. I do remember she was related, but not how.

    Their family and ours were good friends. They used to come and visit us and there were 6 of them and 6 of us!

    My mother would make a huge tall cooking pot full of chicken pieces. She thickened the juices that the chicken was cooked in to make the gravy. Then she put this gravy in 2 huge bowls and floated her wonderful baking powder biscuits on top. And of course there were tons of pieces of chicken! It was called chicken fricassee—lots of gravy and wonderful biscuits floating on top of steaming bowls of gravy and lots of chicken pieces! Makes me hungry to think about it!

    The Quicks took our family blueberry picking one time and we got buckets of delicious blueberries. Also they took my brother John and I to Rye, NY. We had to sail there in a large boat and it was an amusement park like the one in Sandusky, Ohio. We stayed overnite with some of their freiends, was a fun day.

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