Charlotte’s 1913 letter

Charlotte Leavenworth, my great aunt, taught school for 50 years. She was 19 when she started teaching in Fosterdale. There she taught 8 grades for three years. Next, in 1911 Charlotte taught 50 students in grades 5–8 in Eldred. The following year she taught 8 grades in Tylertown. In 1913 Charlotte taught 7 grades in Wellstown, and graduated from the Port Jervis Training Class.

In the spring of 1913, Lon (Albert Alonzo) Austin, the Eldred School Trustee, must have offered Charlotte a teaching job in Eldred.

Charlotte's letter to Lon Austin.

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  1. Austin cousin margie says:

    Aunt Charlotte was my teacher in Eldred for Primary and 1st grade before we moved back to Staten Island N Y. Great memories of living in Eldred.

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