Jewell Hamilton from Vandervoort, Ark.

Jewell Hamilton, Vandervoort, Ark., to McKinley Austin
January 8, 1918
Kind friend,

Saw your address in “Lone Scout,” and thought I would write. Hope this will find you ok.

How do you like the army? I have several friends who have gone to the army. Oh it is so lonesome and makes me sad to see them go. There is a boy in the camp you are in that lived here. I was writing to a boy in Texas. He left for France. I haven’t heard from him since.

My brother takes “Lone Scout” of which he is a member. I saw your address and thought I would write to pass the time.

Arkansas is awfully rough and dry. We haven’t had a good rain since about August. There are lots of measles around here. I had them last June.

A friend, Miss Jewell Hamilton

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