1949 Orchard Terrace Ad

Does anyone know:
• If the Orchard Terrace in the following 1949 ad was the Abel Myers’ Orchard Terrace which was the Eldred School from approximately 1926 to 1942?
• Who F. Stickel was?

Orchard Terrace, Eldred. Beautiful location; quiet, high elevation. Modern, large rooms; private lake, bathing, boating excellent home cooked meals. $35 weekly. $6 daily Tel Barryville 2568. F. Stickel.

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2 Responses to 1949 Orchard Terrace Ad

  1. James A Smith says:

    Fritz and Ella Stickel were like my aunt and uncle. I spent my early years in Eldred each summer. I worked on their small farm with 6000 chickens, 5 goats and an assortment of dogs an cats. It was the most wonderful time in my life. They had a boarding house with many returning boarders each year. I met my wife in Eldred when she was 9 years old. I will never forget Ella and Fritz as long as I live and I’m 78 right now. Their Orchard Terrace house still stands but it’s changed hands so may times, it’s unrecognizable. Jim Smith

    Hello Jim! Thank you so much for your comment. Louise

  2. Louise says:

    I found out that Stickels had the house that was once Charles Wilson’s (up and behind the Wilson building on the northwest corner). They called it Orchard Terrace and there was a little pond down in back of it.

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