McKinley in France

On left: a friend, Elizabeth, Bob (Robbie) and Art Austin. Photo courtesy of Mary A.

McKinley, France, to Jennie Austin, Eldred
August 9, 1918
Dear Mother,

I hope you will pardon me for not writing sooner. But when I had paper, I did not have time and when I had time, I could not get paper. Have you heard from Raymond lately? I have had one letter from him.

I don’t suppose there are so many city boarders up this year.

Aunt Aida sent me a couple of pictures of the children saluting. They certainly looked comical, especially Robbie. Is Willie still working at Proctor’s?

Tell Grandfather that I will write him sometime. When I get back home, we will have some time swapping war stories. Raymond will talk for a week steady when he gets back.

I am getting along well. Except in a big drive there is not much danger, so you need not worry about me. Give my love to all.

Your loving son, Mac

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One Response to McKinley in France

  1. Austin Cousin Margie says:

    Nice letter, It is sad he never returned to swap war stories to Grandfather. His reference to my Dad talking for a week amused me. He could tallk a lot about subjects that interested him.

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