September 1918, France

McKinley Austin, 11th U.S. Inf., France, to Jennie Austin
September 19, 1918
Dear Mother,

I was glad to hear from you. I have been busy lately and have not written as I should. I am well and feel as if I will be lucky. I only wish that I could tell you more about where I have been during the past couple of weeks. You wouldn’t blame me for not writing more. I certainly thought enough about you when I was laying in a shell hole with the German shells throwing dirt and stones all over me.

They are tricky fighters without much idea of honor. Their artillery and machine guns are fair, but their infantry is not much good. It may be I have not seen their good troops yet, but I think we can lick them anytime we have half a chance.

I got a letter from Raymond, a few days ago. He seems quite well satisfied. I think both of us will be more contented with home when we get back.

We are not allowed to get parcels without having permission from some officers and I don’t know as I need anything much now anyway. It is surprising just how little a person really needs. I hope George Dunlap was not badly wounded. Well, I will close with love, Your son, McKinley

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