McKinley Austin 1890 to 1918

McKinley at his aunt Aida Austin’s house. Photo in Austin Collection.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Austin, of Eldred, Sullivan County, on November 17th received a telegram from the War Department at Washington informing them that their son, McKinley Austin, had been killed in action somewhere in France on October 21st.

“Private Austin enlisted in the U.S. Army early in the war while home from his studies at Mount Hermon Seminary, Northfield, Mass. He was a bright and popular young man. Two of his grandfather’s brothers gave their lives for their country on Southern battlefields during the Civil War; his grandfather, S.S. Leavenworth, having served during the great conflict, is now living in Eldred as one of its most highly respected citizens.”—The Port Jervis Union, November 25, 1918.

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  1. kathy kinsey says:

    What a sad thoughtful look on his face in this photo.

    How distressing it must have been to receive such a telegram. So hard for folks these days to realize how that must have been with today’s constant email, phone, net, etc. contact—not having to wait for something to come in the mail…

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