1922 Baseball: Eldred versus Yulan

Eldred Retaliates over Yulan in Second Game this Spring.
The Eldred baseball team, undaunted by their defeat at the hand of the Yulan team on April 16th, again met the Yulan team on the Eldred diamond and defeated them by a score of 12 to 8.

Although the day was raw and chilly, with occasional snow flurries, many spectators turned out to root for both teams. The game was featured by the fast base running of Johnny Steward of the Eldreds. Both teams now have won a game from each other this season.

Yulan’s star pitcher “Speed B. Hazen,” having left his speed home, retired early in the game. Louis Hensel, having thoughtfully brought his speed with him, took to the pitching burden for the visitors making a creditable showing and would no doubt have won the game had the rules permitted more than eight men to assist him.

The Eldred Pitcher Timmerhoff and Catcher Myers, did splendid work considering this was the first game together.

A third game will be played on the Eldred diamond on April 30th. Game called at 2:30 p.m.—Republican Watchman 1921 or 1922.

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