November 13, 1934

To Mr. A.A. (Lon) Austin, Eldred. Thank you card from the sons of Maggie Dunlap who had died in November 1934. Card courtesy of Melva.

Tuesday, November 13, Maggie Dunlap, 61, died at the home of her sister Miss Emma Bauer at Beaver Brook. Maggie was the widow of the late Walter Dunlap. Her three sons: Charles and Harold of Eldred, and George of Middletown.

There was a thank-you card from the Dunlaps sent to Lon Austin in the Austin Collection. The Austin and Dunlap families had known each other at least as early as 1856. In a January 1857 letter Lon’s grandmother Fanny Knapp Austin wrote (from Halfeway Brook) about the marriage of Walter’s parents “Oliver Dunlap and Caty Devenport” on New Year’s Eve.

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  1. Barbara Dunlap Burke says:

    I never knew there was another Oliver Dunlap other than my father, Oliver L. Dunlap married to Margaret Strenglein.

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