The New 1940 Combination Range

Ad for a Kalamazoo range, a few years after Ella got hers.

April 1940
Apparently, working on two houses in the family was not enough to keep Garfield Leavenworth busy. On Monday, April 1 (a rather cruel joke), Goldie’s roof heaved because of the ice, so Garfield helped his son. Two days later Goldie borrowed his parents’ ladder as the roof was leaking.

Jim turned 18 on Tuesday. Jennie Austin was at Garfield and Ella’s all day. Lottie Meyers stopped in for a bit.

Friday Lee Hansen took the menfolk—Garfield, Goldie, and Jim—to Shohola to look over a stove.

The second week of April, Lee and Garfield helped Oliver Dunlap. Lottie and Madelyn Meyers called on Ella.

Saturday Ella wrote: “Our new Kalamazoo combination range came.” Ella baked her first layer cake in the new stove on Sunday.

Book update: The above is an excerpt from the upcoming “Farewell to Eldred” which is in the final editing stage—interspersed with family visits and helping a family member move to a new apartment.

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