1934 Eldred Alumni Dramatic Society

Checks for the Dramatic Club.

It was interesting to discover that my dad was the Treasurer of the 1934 Eldred High School Alumni Dramatic Society.

If you grew up in the Halfway Brook area, you may recognize the names Charles MacIntyre and Joseph Vogt.

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  1. James A Smith says:

    Mrs. L E Smith,

    Thank you for writing about my boyhood home in the summer—Eldred, NY.

    My aunt (not really but they were just like family) and uncle—Fritz and Ella Stickel were like my family in the summer. I worked and played at Orchard Terrace on their chicken farm/boarding house every summer from the mid-1940’s until the mid-50’s.

    I loved fishing in Halfway Brook and just being in the country! My family and I were in Eldred for weekends even in the winter!

    My mother was in Eldred in the summer when she was a young girl—I remember her talking about Mrs. Austin although I don’t know which one!

    I’m now 78 years old and will never forget my life in Eldred….thank you so much for writing these books—I have all three—just got Farewell To Eldred a couple of weeks ago (Amazon).

    How appropriate your title is “Farewell To Eldred”—the town is just about gone, but I have all kind of memories from the area—Rebers, movies in Barryville, Franks, fishing in Stege’s lake, etc. Thanks again, Jim Smith

    Louise: Thank you so much for your comment Jim! A number of people who grew up in the Eldred area and/or still live there contributed to the books—including Teenie who helped correct the conflicting information I had on your aunt and uncle’s last name, fortunately. Long live the memory of Halfway Brook!

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