Handsome Eddy Farm in Arizona

The Doellers and Mr. Fischer bought Handsome Eddy from Agnes Schwab.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the Doeller sisters who live in Arizona. Handsome Eddy Farm, Pond Eddy, the home of Doris and Marion at one time, is one of the houses featured in Farewell to Eldred.

Old photo of Handsome Eddy Farm.
An old photo of Handsome Eddy, but newer than the previous photo. Photos courtesy of Marion.
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2 Responses to Handsome Eddy Farm in Arizona

  1. Mary A. says:

    If I have it right, this is Doeller’s Boarding house, I believe it is located maybe half way to Pond Eddy, on 97, from Barryville on the right side of the road a ways back from the road.

  2. leona morgan says:

    I was wondering where this used to be located. I found a booket in my mother’s items on this farm. I was just wondering where it used to be. I was thinking on the River Rd. thanks Leona

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