1790 Mamakating, Ulster Co., NY

1838 map of Lumberland and surrounding towns in Sullivan Co. Courtesy of the Sullivan County Historical Society.
Aida Austin’s handwritten info on Lumberland from Quinlan’s “Sullivan County, New York” book.

Note 2/5/2014: In double checking the census of 1790 does not list Lumberland.

In 1743 Lumberland was part of the Precinct of Mamakating; later (1788), the Town of Mamakating. On March 16, 1798, Lumberland was created as a town from Mamakating, Ulster County, NY.

Names of some of those living in 1790 in Mamakating, Ulster Co.
A. Roosa
Jacob Roosa 2
Jacob Clearwater
John Johnson 2
Elnathan and Benjamin Sears
David Gorham
Robert Milligan
Solomon Terwilliger
James Graham
Tomkins Odell
Abel Horton
Joshua, Simeon, and Reuben Campbell
Alexander, James Crawford
Archibald McBride
Henry Southard
John Rutters
Lawrence Sears
Cornelius VanGorden
Isaac Slater
John Cool
John Miller
Israel Hodge
James and John Moss
William Conklin
David Young
Bazaleel Tyler
Job Jones
Curtiss Chappel
John and Nicholas and Elias Conklin
John Barns
Joseph Hurd
Nathan Mitchell
Joseph Thomas
Moses Van Winkle
Stephen Anderson
Jong Beemar
John Homan
Solomon Bonker
David Willson
Elijah Reeves
Deliverance Adams
Jesse Wells
George Lane
Hendrich and Benjamin Quick
John Woodruff
Thomas Reeves
Elisha Wheat
John Quick
Daniel Gould
Matthew Quick
Joseph and John Schavash
Jacob Eaugh
James Rider
Joseph White
Abraham Westfall
Jacobus Swartwout
Cornelius Rosecrans
William Giggie
Hermanus Van Inwagen
Cornelius Swartwout
Peter? Gamaer
Jacob Gamaer
James Davis
WIlliam Cuddebach Jr.
Ezekiel Gamaer
Cornelius Van Inwagen
Abraham Cuddebach Sr. and Jr.
John and Cornelius Wallace
Abraham A. Cuddebach
Zebulon Griffin
James Rundage Jr.
Elisha Barber
Peter Cuddebach
Richard and Clement West
Abraham Westbrook
John, Absolom, and William Brewster
Thomas Baker
John Button
Henry Elsworth
David Smith Jr.
John McIvers
Nathan Bradly
John Iron
Isaac Dowd
Jeremiah Brooks
Joseph Brown
Ira Worden
Robert Crawford
John Litz
Jacob Bevier
John Hammond
William Youngs
John Stage
George Coonradt Bush
Francis Germaine
Henry Tice
William Calwell
Ezekiel Van Waggoner
John Johnson the first
William Palmer
Richard Comfort
James Rogers
Elihu Bennett
Lazarus Griffin
John floyd Haines
John Brown
James Stickney
Nathan Cook
Paul Worden
Joseph Smith
John Gillet
Elisha REeves
John Bond
Rufus? STanton
Mary Corwin
Benajah and Abner Skinner
John Sybolt
William Penny
Joseph and James Gheteham
John and Jonathan Coleman
David and Thomas Novis
Oliver Owens
Solomon Owens
Oliver Blizzard
James Finch
Andrew Davis
John Bennett
William Davis
Japser Righter
Thomas Ward
Frederich Sybolt
Daniel Skinner
William Williams
Ebenezer Parker
Samuel Gordon
Abraham Gray
Noah Carpenter
Zachariah Taylor
Amos Wheat
Isaac Worden
Ephraim Dunning
William Smith
Nathaniel, Timothy, and Phillip Minard
David Godfrey Jr.
Isaac Mills
William Spencer
Ebenezer Holcomb
Timothy Doolittle

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