1800 Lumberland Census

The names I posted previously, were really those from 1800, I realized this evening. So, I updated the last post with the names of those in Ulster Co., NY in 1790, though I didn’t type up all the names. I apologize for the confusion.

I found Oliver Blizzard, I imagine an ancestor of Oliver Blizzard Hallock who we met in Book I, The Mill on Halfway Brook. Here then is a relisting of those in the Town of Lumberland in the correct year of 1800. Lumberland was officially a town, but was in Ulster County until 1809 when Sullivan County was created.

John Showers, who kept a tavern near the mouth of the Mongaup River, seems to be one of the earliest settlers of the Town of Lumberland. Like other tavern keepers of the period, Showers engaged in fur trading with trappers, providing them with food stuffs, black powder, cloth, and whiskey.

The main business of Lumberland’s 300,000 acres was lumbering. The town included what would become the towns of Highland, Tusten, Cocheton, Delaware and Bethel, and so much of Fallsburgh, Liberty, Callicoon and Fremont as was not originally in the town of Rochester.

Names of those living in 1800 in the Town of Lumberland.
John Showers Jr. and Sr.
Joseph and Zepheniah Drake
Alpheus Ingersoll
Gabriel Corey
William Tuttle
Isaac Geterson
Sears Gardiner
Ezekiel Tuttle
Daniel Cummins
William Dicon?
Herny Quick
Moses Wood
John Quick
Thomas Williams
William and Daniel Goold
David Johnson
Nathaniel & James Reeve?
James& John Carpenter
John Daniels
Samuel Walter
Asa Crane
Peter Gray
Thomas Clark
Daniel Morown
Ichabod Carmichael
Timothy Hodge
William Middaugh
Isaac Tillotson
John Woodruff
Amos W.
Absolam Conklin
Jesse Wells
Alexander Carmichael
Samuel Dailey
Benjamin Quick
? Van Etten
David Canfield
William Smith
William Smith Jr.
Benjamin Barton
Ebenezer Berry?
John Moore
Benjamin Hurd?
Daniel Moore
Elias Davis
Ralph Hankins
Samuel Dougherty
Justus Benjamin
John Van Gelder
David Gillespie
Benjamin Thomas
William White
Thomas & William Dunn
Richard Rider
Timothy & Amos Tyler
David Wells
Aaron Swartwout
Jeremiah Lilly
Jonathan Dexter
Joseph Thomas
Nathan Mitchell
Daniel M.
Nicholas, William, & Elias Conklin
Job Jones
Ebenezer Gaylor
William, Charles, & Earl Tyler
Elizabeth Young
John, James, & Joseph Moss
Nathaniel Tyler
William Billings
Joseph Brown
David Brown
Lyman Sanford
George Grisler
Silas Tyler
Enoch Owen
Bezaleel Tyler
John Dusenbury
John Lord
Amasa Geer
Robert Emerson
Elisha Carpenter
Levi Kimgall
Samuel Darby
J. Stewart
Robert Cochran
Jack Smith
Stephen B.
Ichabod B.
Isaiah Whipple
Robert Champlin
Nathan Stanton
Rachel H.
Stephen W.
Asa Champlin
John C.

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