February 1944

Wednesday, February 2, Anna Leavenworth walked to the Islip Post Office and bank. She bought two bonds, one for her niece Charlee and one for herself. Then she went to a “brush party” with five others. Monday Anna worked on a relief afghan.

In Eldred on Tuesday, Garfield started to make a violin. Ella sold a pineapple tablecloth for $7. Mary Sergeant was there for the day.

Wednesday Jimmie B. (Anna’s cat) in Islip was no longer on his milk regiment, or soon would be off, as Anna walked to Islip and bought 
a third bond, groceries, and liver for Jimmie.

It was clear and cold on Wednesday in Eldred when James K. Gardner died. (He was buried on Saturday.) James was a great-grandson of James Eldred, and the father of Edna Gardner.

On Valentine’s Day Ella got a letter from Grant Sergeant. She forwarded that letter to Jim.

Goldie got his induction papers on Saturday. Millard Hulse got his induction papers on Sunday.

On Thursday, January 24, Anna in Islip talked to her sister Christina in Eldred.

Monday the Leavenworths got two tons of coal from Mr. Wolff. It cost $23.90.

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