1830 Lumberland Census

There are more familiar names in the 1830 Lumberland Census. If you have done much research with censuses, you will know the difficulty of being accurate, hence the question marks.

John Williams
Asa Daily
William Huff
John Smith
A. McIntyre
Elisha Daily
Henry Haines
Hiram Clark
Oliva Decker
Martin G. Austin
Sylvester Higgins
? Hendrickson
T? Daily
Joshua? W. Clenning?
Henry Hoofman
Lydia Wire
Henry Case
John Higsby?
Thomas Black
Samuel Wells
Robert Darrah
Moses Clark
William Tompkins
Samuel Wright
William Adams
William Bennett
Robert Land
Jacob Snook
Joseph Carpenter
John Carpenter
John Green
Nathan Rose?
Samuel Barnard
Samuel Ellison
Patrick Connell
Haley Baines
William Campbell
John Brown
Henry Hendrickson
Benjamin Michney
Liba Ridgway
Garnder Fergorson
William Ross
Ethel Sergeant
Stephen Sergeant
Henry Montgomery
Henry Crawfort
Wilmott Clark
Malon McKinney
Benjamin C. Austin
James K. Gardner
James Eldred
Alexander Carmichael
Isaac Barber
Daniel Wells
Joseph L. Keine
Mary Watkins
Ezekiel Tuthil
Justus Hickok
David Spencer
John Wheeler
Stephen Bishop
Israel Bishop
John Bishop
Daniel Owens
Aaron Williams
Jonathan Lilie
William Wells
Peter Dickenson
Jacob Van Acker
John Williams Jr.?
Jacob Stage
Sarah Dickenson
Laurence Ingraham
Charles Trumbull
Alexander C. Carmichael
Solomon Hurd
Calvert Pelton
? Rouse?
Amasa Garrett
? Mudge
Samuel Wells
David Spencer
Philanda Harwell
Robert Many
William Covert
Peter Doolittle
Abraham Bodle
? Rogers
Richard W. Randall
Elnathan Corey
Daniel Van Tuyl
Nicholas I. Morris
Daniel Williams
William Craig
James T. Hooker
Daniel Pool
David Quick
Samuel C. Tuttle
Hannah Stickney
Jacob Maraqual
William Baker
William H Skinner
Moses Dexter
Joseph Reynolds
William Dexter
Laura Dexter
Joseph Gunniss?
William Dunn
James Dunn
Thomas Dunn
James Dunn
David Guinniss?
John Scielder
William Brassett?
Joshu Case
Samuel Hankins
John Hankins
William Campbell
John Bross?
Abraham Bross?
Margaret Tuthill
Joseph Barton
Henry Bross?
Jonathan Hawkins
Joel Elmore
Jane Johnson
Francis Quick
John Cooper
Levi Middaugh
Levi Poli?
Robert S. Dickerson
Vincent Hugen
Peter Smith
John Dickerson
Gilbert Wait
Jonathan Wait
John Drake
Samuel Knight
David Wood
John Wood
Mark Buckley
Daniel Drake
William W. Sacket
Abel Sprague
Joseph Drake

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  1. Bonnie Poley Dimler says:

    I’m trying to find Philip and Eva Poley (Boley) who lived in Town of Lumberland, which was changed to Town of Cochecton and then to what is now know as the Beechwoods Town of Callicoon in Sullivan Co., around 1835-1853.

    Thank you for any help you can give me. Bonnie

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