The beginning of Halfway Brook Books: Port Jervis 2007

July 2007. The Smiths cross the Port Jervis bridge on the way to Eldred. Photo: Gary Smith.
July 2007. Closeup of Port Jervis bridge. Photo: Gary Smith.

I plan on posting the names of the folks in the Lumberland censuses during the years 1840 to 1860. I have a couple families mentioned in the Halfway Brook Books and the censuses that I would like to feature. However, I have gotten sidetracked with searching for my Ralph Austin’s family as well as daily life.

So for now, I thought it would be fun to post a few photos from Gary and my visit to Eldred in 2007. It had been well over 40 years since I had visited Eldred. And that many years since I had seen my second cousin Cynthia.

Cynthia had agreed to write her memories of her grandfather Garfield Leavenworth, brother to my grandmother Jennie Louisa Leavenworth Austin, for a 50-page booklet (if we could find enough information) which I planned to write on my Austin grandparents whom I had never met.

What a fun adventure it has turned out to be.

Gary and I and our two youngest stayed at a motel in Pennsyvlania. (Thanks for the correction Cynthia.) The next morning we crossed the Port Jervis bridge on the way to Eldred to meet Cynthia.

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2 Responses to The beginning of Halfway Brook Books: Port Jervis 2007

  1. Cynthia says:

    Louise, The Best Western was in Matamoras, PA.

    Note: Thank you Cynthia!!

  2. Alice Aber says:

    That looks like the Matamoras bridge so I would guess you stayed in PA not NJ, but hey they are all very close, LOL.

    I bet you had no idea your little project you thought you were starting would turn into 3 wonderful books?

    I have a feeling someday my Parker family just might turn into a book.:-) Well, that is if I can get some of my family to be as generous sharing their photos and memories as yours has been.

    Note: Thanks Alice. You are correct!

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