1963 House on Steges Road

Empty House on Steges Road, 1963.
© Jmeyer Photography (used by permission).

I was happy to receive some “Eldred” photos taken by J. Meyer, grandson of Joseph and Florence Meyer, mentioned in “Farewell to Eldred.”

Does anyone know who owned this house on Steges Road, in 1963? It was empty at the time, and the next house down from Abe Hulse’s little bungalow.

As long as I am asking questions, does anyone know the correct way to write Stege’s Road? Stege Road; Steges Road; Stege’s Road; Steges’ Road; or something different?

Update: I was sent this as the location. Click on the image to make it larger.

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  1. Louise says:

    With the addition of the map location, I received this comment.

    I believe it is a photograph of the back of the Fred Schoverling house at the top of Stege’s Hill.

    The house is currently owned by Fred B. I can verify this with him, but I am nearly certain it is the Schoverling house.

    Further, the Stege estate houses were in a state of advanced decay and deterioration when I was growing up (50s & 60s). They were grey (no exterior paint remaining), rotting and some were partially collapsing.

    By 1963 none of the Stege houses would be in the relatively good condition of the house in the photograph.

    Mrs. Ramsey’s house (I believe the Ramsey’s were caretakers) was on the left side of the east entrance of the estate and was set back from the road. That house was in livable condition when I was growing up, but has been torn down in the past 15 or so years. Hope this helps.

    The Google map shows Fred’s house and fields (upper right), the Schoverling house, and Fred’s Beaver Lake in back.

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