The Goose Lot and Stone Walls from Chapter 8

In one of the letters John Leavenworth wrote to his brother Sherman on the Civil War battlefield, he mentioned the stone walls on their property. Here are some photos of the walls and the goose lot taken in 2009 by my cousin Cynthia.

The goose lot was a large area surrounded by stone walls with a space that was left for a gate. The geese had one wing clipped so they couldn’t fly over the stone walls. The Leavenworths raised geese for their meat and eggs. Their feathers were used for stuffing pillows and comforters.

The walls were probably built in the Civil War era. Atwell Leavenworth was working on stone walls before he went to war and probably the goose lot was
part of that too.

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  1. Mom/Mary A. says:

    Just wanted to say that I loved those stone walls, there were plenty of them around the area. Maybe it was that there were plenty of stones in the land and as they cleared the land, they made use of them in their stone walls.

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